Beautiful Forest Green Couch

Beautiful Forest Green Couch

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This is a standard size couch at just around 7 feet long.

I can’t find a scratch, scrape, rip or any other defect on it. It is a extremely nice couch.

I can tell you first hand the material it is made of is very durable. I set another piece of furniture on it withoutrealizingthere was 4 exposed bolts sticking coming in contact with the couch. Any other cheap couch would have had 4 puncher marks in it. Not this one! Even after I dragged the other piece of furniture over it there wasn’t a mark made in the couch.This is a must see Couch. It would look good with most any other furniture.The Price is right as well. Buy this baby for just $100.00!

This Item Is Not Available Anymore
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Local Pick-up Only – Atlanta, Ga OTP West – Cash And Carry

Thanks For Looking!

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